Protect your data – and your business – from cyber threats



As data breaches, leaks and hacks are increasingly grabbing the headlines, you know only too well that to protect your business, customers and reputation, you need to safeguard your data.


Based on a proven process of discovery, design and delivery, our Information Security Consulting practice can provide all the components of a comprehensive information security and programme, to help you protect your data and maintain compliance. We apply our decades-long heritage in Disaster Recovery to everything from penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to advisory support. We offer:


Information Security Strategy and Design – to mitigate risks and improve your security posture while complying with legal, statutory, contractual and internal requirements.

Information Security Assessments – to analyse the maturity of your information security programme and identify any gaps, vulnerabilities or opportunities for improvement.

Information Security Remediation – to provide you with a comprehensive tactical plan incorporating security best practices to eliminate information security vulnerabilities. ​

At the end of our engagement, you'll have the benefit of an independent, expert perspective that you can use to address board-level concerns, respond promptly and positively to vendor risk analyses, or prepare for an upcoming audit. ​​



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