What We Do


We don't just develop applications for our customers and walk away – we offer end-to-end services to fully support you. We can provide everything from consultancy to better align your technology with your business plan, to support with your ongoing development requirements. We can also maintain and securely host applications in our dedicated, high availability infrastructure.



Far from being just "developers for hire", our consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients (often in-person) to define software that will meet critical business goals, to manage projects so that they stay focused, and to ensure that we create top-quality databases, websites, and more.


How we Do It 



Grendic builds reliable, secure, and richly featured web applications that rival desktop software capabilities. Using modern web technologies, we can build robust applications with rich user interfaces and complex business functionality that are always available, online, and reached from a simple browser bookmark.


We interface with IT to ensure any system we build fits with an organization’s overall technology strategy and is an exemplary good citizen in regard to systems, security, and platforms.


We also consult with IT organizations to define Workgroup Application strategies that allow them to support custom productivity software on an ongoing basis.


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