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Grendic Security Consulting specializes in security assessment, risk management, training and governance. We have decades of experience helping companies of all sizes understand and mitigate their risks. Our experience and customer focus shines through in all phases of an engagement, from the proposal process to the reporting and mitigation phases.



Our services help you to view your IT security from an attacker's viewpoint, leveraging real-world techniques to not only identify exposures but also assess their implications on the business.


 How we can Help


Securing your information and protecting your company’s reputation isn’t just about technology. It’s about understanding your assets, weaknesses, and the threats towards your business in order to calculate true risk.


It’s about mitigating that risk to an acceptable level.

It’s about policies, procedures, and configuration guidelines.

It’s about increasing the security awareness for your employees, and empowering them to stay ahead of the threats.



Grendic Security Consulting understands the big picture. How? Experience.


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